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Episode 26: Flight 73 Hijacking Remembrance

September 01, 2022 Pan Am Museum Foundation Season 2 Episode 26
The Pan Am Podcast
Episode 26: Flight 73 Hijacking Remembrance
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Show Notes

On September 5, 1986 at around 5:10am local time in Karachi, Pakistan, a Pan Am Boeing 747 named Clipper Empress of the Seas was hijacked by four armed Palestinian commandos on the ground during the boarding process with almost 400 people on the aircraft. 

A total of 20 people, including two Pan Am crew members and 18 passengers, were ultimately killed in this act of terrorism.

We dedicate this episode to all the 20 victims of this tragedy.  They are remembered. 

Pan Am Employees:
Neerja Bhanot, 22, Pan Am Flight Attendant and Purser
Meherjee Minocher Kharas, 28, Pan Am Mechanic 

Both served their passengers with great honor, bravery, and valor. 

From the United States:
Rajesh Kumar, 29, and Surendra Manubhai Patel, 50. 

From Mexico:
José Álvarez Lamar Nuñez, 57, and Ricardo Muñoz Rosales, 28. 

From Pakistan: 
Syed Nesar Ahmad, 43, and Imran Rizvi, 17.

From India:
Kuverben Patel, 81, Kala Singh, 36, Seetharamiah Krishnaswamy, 61, Trupti Dalal, 28, Krishna Kumari Gadde, 28,  Ganapathi Thanikaimoni, 48, Boby Thomachen Mulloor, 7, Thomachen Thomas Mulloor, 30, Aleyamma Scaria Nagatholy, 39, Ramakant Naik, 55, Rupal Desai, 26, and Kodiyattu K. Kurian, 25.

To the family and friends of the victims...our sincerest condolences. 

For this special memorial edition of this program, we are joined by four Pan Am flight attendants that were on Flight 73 and were eyewitnesses to history: 

Sherene Pavan, Sunshine Vesuwala, Madhvi Bahuguna, and Samira Goode. 

These incredible women served their passengers with great courage and bravery and saved hundreds of lives. We salute them. 

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