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Episode 28: The Flying Piano Player

October 10, 2022 Pan Am Museum Foundation Season 2 Episode 28
The Pan Am Podcast
Episode 28: The Flying Piano Player
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Show Notes

In this episode we are joined by Captain Beau Brant of United Airlines. He started flying for United in 2005 and has flown regional jets, 757s, 767s, and 787s throughout his career. He currently flies the Airbus A320. 

When he is not in the air, his other passion is music…and today, in addition to being a commercial airline pilot, he is a celebrated classical pianist who loves to play the piano whenever and wherever he can...either in formal settings or playing in hotel and airport lobbies around the world on layovers. 

Captain Brant will be our special musical guest at the Pan Am Museum Foundation’s Annual Gala weekend on Friday, November 11 and Saturday, November 12, 2022 outside of New York City. 

Marine Air Terminal Dedication, Friday, November 11, 2022
On the evening of Friday, November 11th join us for a special event reception at LaGuardia Airport, Terminal A hosted by our sister organization, the Pan Am Historical Foundation! This  dedication reception commemorates  Pan Am's historic operation of the Marine Air Terminal between 1940-1948 and the new Boeing 314 model. Buy Tickets

Pan Am Museum's Annual Gala, Saturday, November 12, 2022
The next day, on the evening of Saturday, November 12th join us in Garden City, New York for this year’s Pan Am Museum's Annual Gala as we celebrate Pan Am legacy with this year's gala theme: “Flying Down to Rio.” Buy Tickets

Two Great Events, One Special Pan Am Weekend!

Visit our website, for more information and to purchase your tickets.

Captain Brant has been featured on NBC Nightly News, The New York Times, The Denver Post, The Virginian Pilot and several online publications.

He has recorded numerous albums, and six are available online from Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, Spotify, Rhapsody Radio, and on his Facebook page which is called "Beau Brant Piano."

In the fall of 2020, Captain Brant released a new album of some of his favorites and popular songs called “Four Decades.”

For more information on Captain Brant and his music, visit his website:

To learn more about careers in aviation at United Airlines, visit their website:

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