The Pan Am Podcast

Episode 30: The Art of Travel Posters

December 07, 2022 Pan Am Museum Foundation Season 2 Episode 30
The Pan Am Podcast
Episode 30: The Art of Travel Posters
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Show Notes

In this 30th episode of The Pan Am Podcast we will be exploring the Art of Travel posters!

We are joined by guests Phillip Keene, a Pan Am veteran flight attendant and collector and Meg Williams of the company Stick No Bills which restores and recreates high quality travel posters in stunning detail with rich and vibrant colors! Their posters range from affordable to exclusive, but all are the highest of quality and color vibrancy.

For listeners of The Pan Am Podcast, Stick No Bills is providing a special discount with any purchase from their online store. By using the promo code “PANAMPODCAST,” at checkout you will receive a free 24 x 36 inch lithograph of one of their best selling proprietary Mallorca or Ceylon travel posters with their Pan Am prints.

Take a peak at some of their incredible artwork:

To listen to our host Tom Betti as a guest on the Shared History Podcast, check out Episode 88!

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