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Episode 4: Evacuation of Saigon, Wings of Freedom Mission

September 02, 2021 Pan Am Museum Foundation Season 1 Episode 4
The Pan Am Podcast
Episode 4: Evacuation of Saigon, Wings of Freedom Mission
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Show Notes

In this episode we are joined by Allan Topping, a Pan Am employee who evacuated almost 500 people out of Saigon days before the city fell. 

On April 24, 1975, at the conclusion of the Vietnam War, with time running out as Saigon was surrounded by North Vietnamese troops, a Pan Am 747 jumbo jet carried 463 American and South Vietnamese civilians to safety and freedom. 

At the center of this dangerous and desperate mission was Allan Topping. 

Mr. Topping is the author of a book, “Wings of Freedom: A True Story,” about his incredible experience in Saigon. 

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In 1990, NBC made a movie out of Al’s story called Last Flight Out starring James Earl Jones, Richard Crenna, and Rosliand Chao. 

Watch the full movie on YouTube:

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