The Pan Am Podcast

Episode 5: Missiles, Hotels, and Rebranding an Icon

September 13, 2021 Pan Am Museum Foundation Season 1 Episode 5
The Pan Am Podcast
Episode 5: Missiles, Hotels, and Rebranding an Icon
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Show Notes

In this episode we explore two of the subsidiaries of Pan Am:  the InterContinental Hotels Corporation and the Pan Am Guided Missiles Range Division. 

Yep, you read that right, the airline company had its own hotel chain for about 30 years, and Pan Am did aerospace work for the U.S. government including the space program for almost 40 years. Why? Because the American government asked them to do both. 

Later we are joined by Jennifer Coutts Clay, a leader in the aviation business in the field of aircraft interiors, corporate identity, and branding.  

A pioneer for women in the airline industry, Jennifer joined Pan Am in 1986 as General Manager for Product Design and Development. In this capacity, she completed a three-year, $25-million fleet upgrade program, redesigning all major aspects of the Pan Am passenger service product.

She is the author of “Jetliner Cabins,” a visually stunning book that offers a complete history of recent cabin design going back to the 1970s. It is the first and only comprehensive account of the aircraft cabin environment. The book contains black and white and color photographs of airline interiors from around the world, covering everything from the first-class luxury to economy class passenger experience.

The robust e-book, with thousands and thousands of photos, available for purchase at:

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A very special thanks to Mr. Adam Aron, Chairman and CEO of AMC and president of the Pan Am Historical Foundation and Pan Am Brands for their continued and unwavering support!