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Episode 11: The Legacy Endures 30 Years After Closing, A Conversation with Ed Trippe

December 03, 2021 Pan Am Museum Foundation Season 1 Episode 11
The Pan Am Podcast
Episode 11: The Legacy Endures 30 Years After Closing, A Conversation with Ed Trippe
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Show Notes

In this episode we commemorate the sad 30th Anniversary of Pan American World Airways ceasing operations on December 4, 1991. 

To mark this special milestone, we are joined by Ed Trippe, the youngest son of Pan Am’s legendary founder Juan Trippe and his wife Betty Stettinius Trippe. 

Ed is the founder and chairman of our sister organization, the Pan Am Historical Foundation

In December of 1991, shortly after the company his father founded ceased operations, Ed worked tirelessly to preserve the company’s historical documents, artifacts, and archives. 

He was instrumental in finding a permanent depository at the  University of Miami’s Richter Library for the vast treasure trove of Pan Am history to be preserved for future generations of researchers. This collection is one of the most complete corporate archives of a bankrupt company.

Here is the video mentioned in this episode by John F. Clarke (additional video from Jerry Labrusciano) of the departure ceremony of Pan Am’s last (and first) 747-100 N747PA, Clipper Juan T. Trippe, as it departs for the final time from JFK.

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